We appreciate students that stick with our program and want to offer you a scholarship.
​This is our 3 Year scholarship and you deserve it.  Please see qualifications below

Scholarship Qualification Details

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To encourage and reward students who have shown outstanding performance and growth during the course of their abacus and mental arithmetic studies.

Applicants must fulfill all five (5) of the following criteria to be considered eligible:

1) Have taken the annual assessment test in one of two subject areas, abacus or mental arithmetic, for 3 consecutive years, including the 2018 Annual Assessment Test

2) Have successfully passed the abacus and/or mental arithmetic assessment test, including the 2018 Annual Assessment Test, with grade level 1 or higher

3) Have been recommended by a member teacher of UAAA

4) Have not been awarded with a scholarship in the same category
(For example: If you applied for and received the Abacus scholarship in 2017, you cannot apply for another Abacus scholarship. You may only apply for the Mental Math scholarship.)


Apply for only one type of scholarship, either abacus or mental arithmetic, not both.

Compose two (2) short essays that answer the following prompts:
a. Essay Prompt #1 (required): My experience with abacus/mental math
b. Essay Prompt #2 (select one of the following):

Option 1
How do you plan to promote abacus in the community? Propose a unique event or activity and describe how it would help promote abacus in the community.

Option 2
What goals do you have for yourself with abacus/mental math, and how do you plan to incorporate abacus/mental math in your life after you achieve these goals?

Submit completed application form and supplemental material (i.e. essays) electronically by
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 11:59 PM PST.

Request a letter of recommendation from your current instructor who will submit the recommendation directly to UAAA at

Applications must be received electronically by Saturday, May 5, 2018, 11:59 PM PST to be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS.
UAAA will not be held responsible for providing confirmation upon the receipt of applications.
Please visit the FAQ page under the Scholarship Tab at if you need
further clarification, or send your inquiries to

50% of the final score will be based on originality, creativity, style, and how well the applicant embraced this year’s essay prompts.
45% of the final score will be based on the last 3 consecutive assessment test scores.
5% of the final score will be based on the strength of the letter of recommendation.

Top finalists will be selected to receive $200 scholarships. Each scholarship recipient will also receive a certificate and be recognized at the Annual Assessment Test and the Scholarship Award Ceremony in his/her testing region.