Derek Pi (Southern California President):

Having learned and taught abacus for more than a decade, I have come to appreciate these skills that have aided me not only throughout school but also throughout my transitions in life. The importance of abacus in simplifying complex mathematical equations and calculations is indisputable, yet I believe that my true joy in this field comes from the interactions and connections I have been able to form with my students.  Taking on the role as an instructor for Ms. An and Mr. Yang has been an extremely enlightening experience as they have taught me how to become a good role model to the children. Over the years, I firmly believe that my students have played an equal role in my growth as a teacher as I have played a role in their growth as a student. My hope is to establish a non-profit youth volunteer committee within the United Abacus Arithmetic Association (UAAA) to help anyone who is interested in aiding the organization.