Our vision is to further expand the UAAA network into various scientific fields that would allow individuals to familiarize themselves with the workings of different professions. Building upon the foundation of the STEM education program, the youth volunteer committee will provide resources to local cities to promote the importance of scientific education. We will have a select team to coordinate and to give various volunteer opportunities to current students that would allow them to become more actively involved in their community. Our committee will be officially sponsored by UAAA and will be responsible in issuing all volunteer hours and awards. Our mission statement is to provide an outreach platform where students and instructors can work together in integrating the importance of mental mathematics and abacus with science and technology to create a multifaceted educational system.

UAAYA General Guideline

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  1. SUNDAY: DECEMBER 18, 2016
    UAAYA First General Meeting
    Interested in being a volunteer - this is a great opportunity to experience in collaboration, team building and general understanding of event organization skills. Please feel free to join us. We would love to see you there, and hope you can help us to spread the word about abacus and STEM Education! 珠藝薪火相傳、少年新秀、菁英備出 美國珠心算聯合會(UAAA)秉持發揚與傳承珠心算教育初衷,並培養優秀珠心算教育年輕世代領導人材。藉由「美國珠心算聯合會-青少年菁英團」的成立,持續落實推廣青年世代珠心算技能全球化的理念,提倡以數理為主的科學教育主軸,培育珠心算年輕領導新秀與世代薪傳。 Location: 22671 Lazy Meadow Dr. Diamond Bar, CA 91765